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    Technologie à faibles émissions, faible consommation et haute récupération
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    Solutions à la fine pointe de la technologie pour un avenir plus vert

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Jack Lifton on NovX21's Platinum-group Metals Recycling Technology
Source: Exclusive to Palladium Investing News by Teresa Matich, 04/19/2015

NovX21 has a unique process for recycling PGMs from catalytic converters, and according to Lifton, it marks an important development for the space.

PGM: NovX21 selects Thetford Mines for recycling plant
Source: DAILY NEWS, 06/26/2014

Montreal-based NovX21 has developed, patented and implemented a sustainable green technology for the recycling of catalytic converters, a key component of vehicle pollution control systems.

NovX21: One Step Closer to Commercial-scale Precious Metals Recovery
Source: Exclusive to Palladium Investing News by Teresa Matich, 06/25/2014

NovX21 is addressing the need to supply PGMs for the automobile industry, and it comes at the right time in the mining world. As you know, there is a trend to recover metal in a cleaner, more efficient way and at low cost, low energy consumption and low CAPEX.

NovX21, une usine de recyclage de métaux précieux
Publié le 25 juin 2014 à 18h42 par Jean-François Desbiens, TVA Nouvelles

NovX21 a choisi Thetford Mines comme endroit où implanter sa première usine commerciale de recyclage de métaux précieux. La société est en discussion avec plusieurs autres partenaires potentiels afin d'implanter d'autres usines en Amérique du Nord.

NovX21 s'installe à Thetford Mines
Publié le 25 juin 2014 à 05h00 par Jean-Michel Genois Gagnon, Le Soleil

L'usine commerciale représente un investissement de plusieurs millions de dollars, qui entraînera la création de plusieurs dizaines d'emplois et devrait être en exploitation d'ici un an.

The Birth of a 10-Year Bull Market
Source: Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, Casey Research, 5/21/2014

The supply problems for the PGM market cannot be fixed in the foreseeable future. We have a rare opportunity to invest in metals that are at the beginning of a potential 10-year bull run.

China to scrap millions of cars in anti-pollution push
Source: David Stanway and Kathy Chen, Reuters, 5/26/2014

China plans to take more than five million ageing vehicles off the roads this year in a bid to improve air quality, with 330,000 cars set to be decommissioned in Beijing alone.

Here's How Much Russia Controls Of The World's Most Important Commodities
Source: Mamta Badkar, Busness Insider, 04/22/2014

"Energy-related sanctions on certain metals like platinum, palladium and nickel are also unlikely because these metals "may be difficult to replace in the European and US markets given their large shares of global output."

Stephan Bogner and the Rise of a Euro-Chino-Russian Superpower
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report (4/1/14)

NovX21 Inc. has patented a clean platinum group metals (PGM) recovery technology that can be implemented anywhere. The technology uses little energy and creates no pollution. It has a low capex, offers a quick payback and has a gross margin in excess of 30%.

PGM Recycling Market Expected To Be Worth $9 Billion By 2018 – Research Firm (english)
Par Kitco News Lundi 31 mars, 2014 1:45 PM

The report, Global Market for Platinum, Palladium and other Platinum Group Metals Recycling - A Global Technology, Industry and Market Analysis, was compiled by Innovative Research and Products. The firm said that they are expecting the global recycling market for PGMs to expand 8.2% by 2018 and have a market value of $9 billion

Expert comments on The Gold Report (english)
Par Imed Zine, Roadmap Capital Inc., Publié mardi, 10 mars 2014

NovX21's patented process yields more than 97% recovery of PGMs. It is mainly based on dry chlorination followed by leaching and filtration. NovX21 has a great potential as soon as it finishes building the 200 tpa facility and secures the supply of the feedstock.

Making Green from Gold, Palladium and Pollution (english)
Par Frank Talk, Insights for investors, Publié mardi, 10 mars 2014

Two global events recently colluded that dramatically affected the palladium and platinum market. The situation in Ukraine and Russia along with six-week-long strikes in South Africa began raising concerns that these palladium-rich countries may not be able to continue supplying the commodity at normal levels.

Lack of critical minerals processing capacity U.S. ‘Achilles heel’ - Wyden
By Dorothy Kosich, Posted: Wednesday , 29 Jan 2014

U.S. Senate leaders say the nation must address inadequate U.S. mining processing capacity as well as promoting domestic mining of critical and strategic minerals.

NovX21: Efficient, Low-cost Recovery of PGMs from Recycled Material
By Charlotte McLeod - Exclusive to Platinum Investing News (January 2014)

When Pro-Or announced at the beginning of January that it would be changing its name to NovX21 (TSXV:NOV) and taking on a more technological focus - namely, the recovery of platinum-group metals (PGMs) from recycled material - some were no doubt surprised.

Platinum Hits Two-Month High as South Africa Strike Looms
By Matt Day (January 2014)

Platinum for April delivery rises 0.6% to $1,462.40 a troy ounce. Strikes scheduled to start on Thursday at South Africa's biggest platinum mining companies

Mining in Québec, Newfoundland and Labrador
Global Business Reports (November 2013)

Pro-Or Resources, which began as a gold exploration company in Québec, has shifted its focus gradually into clean-tech processing as well, first with the development of a chromite enrichment process and now with its move into producing Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from scrap metal using patented technology.

Wave of the Future Investment from the Ground Up: Byron King
Source: JT Long of The Metals Report (10/8/13)

Pro-Or offers a technological option that allows that recycling value chain to occur here in North America. The materials would stay in the North American market and we could keep that added value inside the U.S. and Canadian economies.

2 Reasons Palladium is Still Set to Outperform
By Charlotte McLeod - Exclusive to Palladium Investing News, 2013/09/24

The Wall Street Journal's Laura Clarke notes in an article published last week that nearly 80 percent of the world's palladium comes from South Africa and Russia; however, "output from both producers is likely to decline this year."

July 2013 - interview of Sylvain Boulanger with Mergermarket (part of the Financial Times Group)
Street Wise Report - 2013/09/18

*the article is available only to the subscribers of Mergermarket (

Election halts Zimbabwe mineral exploration
by Tawanda Karombo - Business Day 2013/06/28

Zimbabwe's economy is heavily reliant on mining and agriculture, and Finance Minister Tendai Biti has projected that the mining sector would grow 17% this year.

Bound for Bullishness: Palladium Beating Analysts' Expectations
By Charlotte McLeod - Exclusive to Palladium Investing News 2013/06/18

As part of the London Bullion Market Association's (LBMA) Forecast 2013, 20 analysts from top firms such as Societe Generale (EPA:GLE), Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) predicted what the palladium price will do this year. On average, the experts forecast that the metal will hit a high of $851 per ounce, a low of $607 and an average price of $744.

Platinum market records 375 000 oz deficit in 2012
By Idéle Esterhuizen of Mining Weekly 2013/05/13

The global platinum market experienced a deficit of 375 000 oz in 2012, owing to a steep decline in output from South Africa, platinum group metals authority Johnson Matthey's 'Platinum 2013' report has revealed.

Johnson Matthey: Palladium Shifts To Large Supply Deficit In 2012
By Allen Sykora of Kitco News 2013/05/13

"Last year, we had for the second (straight) year record demand from the auto industry for palladium due to the growth of gasoline vehicle production all around the world except for Europe," said Jeremy Coombes, general manager for marketing and publications with Johnson Matthey. Gasoline-powered vehicles can use palladium rather than more-expensive platinum.

Why Rick Rule bought $280m of platinum and palladium
by Karen Roche 2013/04/02

When Rick Rule pairs lower grades, labor strife and inefficient mines with the relentless demand for platinum and palladium, his result is an investment thesis that could pay off for bullion and equity investors. In his  Metals Report  interview the founder and chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. compares the current platinum and palladium space to the uranium sector 10 years ago, and predicts handsome returns for investors willing to shoulder the risk.

New Cartel on the Block
by David Franklin on Sprott 2013/04/01

As precious metals investors, we can't imagine a better set of conditions for a breakout in the price of platinum and palladium. Investors piled into platinum and palladium ETF's during the first quarter, driving their holdings to record highs. More than half of platinum and palladium miners cannot earn their cost of capital at current metals prices, which has already resulted in the world's largest platinum producer shutting down production.

Recycling, Not Mining, Is the Future for Securing Immediate Platinum Group Metal Supply
by Jack Lifton on The Gold Report  2013/03/12

The biggest new source for platinum group metals just might be what Jack Lifton calls "the rubber tire mine." Noting that removing the catalytic converter from a car's emission system produces a rate of return that rivals the production rates of the South African platinum giants, Byron King agrees that recycling is the wave of the future for platinum, palladium and rhodium. Welcome to the 21st century—find out how to play it in this  Metals Report