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    New Technological Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow
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    State-of-the-Art Technological Solutions for a Greener Future
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    Green Efficient Technology, Low Emissions, Low Energy

PGM recovery process

NovX21 offers a low-cost, clean technology for the recovery of PGMs using small-footprint facilities that require a low CAPEX investment.

Platinum Group Metals are geologically, technically and chemically hard to extract. NovX21 Inc. has developed a process for the recovery of PGM and other precious metals from refractory recycled material and from PGM-rich concentrates recycled from automobile catalytic converters. The Company’s 50 tons per year (TPY) demonstration plant near Quebec City run for more than two years (2011 until now) on a semi-continuous basis with excellent results.

The NovX21 patented chlorination process yields more than 97% recoveries of PGMs, is much less capital extensive and operates at a more efficient pace than conventional smelters. The finished product is fine 35-µm metallic powder containing no glass or carbon. No special preparation is needed to process the ceramic unit containing the PGM.

NovX21’s innovative process optimizes the recovery of resources while reducing the environmental impact, the recovery time and the energy usage by more than 90%. The qualities and properties of the technology are such that a plant could be installed in any region that can supply a minimum of 200,000 salvaged vehicle-motors per year, equivalent to 200 tons/year of catalytic converters. This volume allows the plant to operate around the clock at a Conversion Speed that would generate excellent gross profit margins.

The plant consumes very little energy, about 4 kW per hour per reactor. Its footprint is small, at about 4,000 ft2 (371.6 m2) for a 200 TPY plant. Gaseous emissions consist of air, moisture and carbon dioxide from calcination. The processing plant can be constructed quickly, requires minimal operator training and can be remotely controlled and supervised. Read more about positive economics for proposed commercial plant to recover Platinum Group Metals.

The Company plans to build a 200 TPY PGM Recovery Plant in 2014. An equity financing of $3 million was completed in January 2014 to kickstart the detailed engineering and construction of the reactors.

The planned 200 TPY plant requires low CAPEX to build with payback projected to be in 9 months. The plant, that requires only 4,000 ft2 of space, is scalable and capable of becoming fully operational in 9 to 12 months.

NovX21 owns 100% of its PGM Recovery Process with no royalties and its patents have been issued in the U.S. in 2011 and in Canada in 2012.

Benefits of NovX21 Technology

“New production of PGMs is critical to the maintenance of clean air and to the industry. Thus, the NovX21 non-smelter PGM collection process using chlorination is just in time. The NovX21 process is superior in cost, safety and health to the existing smelter-based PGM collection process. NovX21 is 21st century, smelters is 19th century.”

– Jack Lifton, a sector expert on PGMs and consultant to NovX21

Conventional PGM Recovery vs. Prototype NovX21 PGM Process
Highly corrosive due to strong acid used Average recoveries above 97%
Energy intensive (high-temp smelting) Weak acid concentration (reusable/recyclable)
Large feedstock inventory Low gas emission (CO2 & H2O vapor)
Long process cycle with multiple steps Low energy consumption
Revenue generated in 24-32 weeks Quick processing time (fewer steps)
Large Plants (high capex) Revenues generated in 7-8 weeks
Significant environmental impact Modular, inexpensive facility
Overseas processing, expensive logistics Minimum environmental impact
Domestic recycling, transportation advantage