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    Green Efficient Technology, Low Emissions, Low Energy


Chlorination & Carbochlorination Patents

Both patents are the whole property of NovX21. There are no royalties to be paid to any party. They were developed by the INRS for NovX21.

The development and commercialization of its UGC (upgraded chromite) production process, and mining exploration.

Chromite enrichment
Canadian Patent :No 2,514,830issued: 2010-07-20
United States PatentNo 7658894issued: 2010-02-09
South Africa Patent No 2005/5669issued: 2006-04-26

The development and commercialization of its PGM recovery process.

PGM recovery of recycled spent catalytic converters (CC)
Canadian Patent:No 2,531,913issued: 2012-05-15
United States PatentNo 7,972,412issued: 2011-07-05
South Africa Patent No 2006/00207issued:2007-02-28
Australia PatentNo 2004257315issued: 2009-03-02

Experts behind our innovative process

NovX21 contracted the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) to develop a PGM recovery process and a chromite enrichment process in 2005.

Many trade secrets have been put into practice at the St-Augustin plant since 2011, and a mass balance study was conducted in 2012 by independent CIR Laboratory.

The detailed engineering plan and construction of a 200-tonne-per-year used catalyst treatment plant is in preparation by the independent engineering group Seneca.