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    Green Efficient Technology, Low Emissions, Low Energy

NovX21 Brings its Technological Solution to the Recycling Industry

Forecast Price Increases and Tight Supply of Precious Metals Bode Well for NovX21

NovX21 (TSX-V: NOV) is changing the way we think about metal recovery. The Company’s technology was introduced for the first time in Europe, at a recent congress in Brussels that brought together the main players in the automobile recycling industry.

This was the 14th session of the International Automobile Recycling Congress since the introduction of a European Commission Directive to recycle 95% of all automobile parts by 2015. NovX21 representatives met with automobile manufacturers, refiners and recyclers to discuss trends in the industry and the Company’s solution.

“New production of platinum group precious metals is critical to the industry and to maintaining a clear air environment. All trends converge to make the NovX21 technology a clear solution to recover the precious metals of the platinum group just in time, with a very short complete cycle time, high yields, low cost and low energy requirements. We are at the heart of the circular economy, recovering high value precious metals from automobile catalytic converters, electronic waste and other valuable auto parts containing precious metals of the PGM group”, said Sylvain Boulanger, President and CEO of NovX21.

The high value of precious metals is a key driver in the sustainable economic feasibility of recycling. More materials must be recycled, and better yields and faster turnaround times are needed. Prices of platinum group precious metals are forecast to increase due to rarity of supply and the political and economical risks associated with mining these metals.

NovX21's technical brochure is now available on their website

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