Innovative Processes Creating New Resources

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    New Technological Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow
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    Sustainable development through innovative processes

Vision, mission and values

Our mission is to sustainably recover precious metals recycled by industry and develop special chemical products that meet specific industry needs.

The future is in recycling

Sustainable development: We support all environmental conservation initiatives at both the individual and corporate level. We are committed to promoting, recycling and recovering industrial products and wastes. Our objectives reflect our goal of minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.


Founded in 1986, NovX21 owns an industrial prototype plant for PGM recovery. The plant is located near Quebec City in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, and is currently in operation.

Since 2000, NovX21 has developed two processes, one for chromite enrichment and the other for the recovery of PGM from refractory ores and PGM-rich concentrates from recycled automobile catalytic converters. These processes are now patented.

In 2011, a change in the plant management team allowed the facilities to be upgraded and certain changes to be made to advance the process to the industrial-scale testing stage with a mass balance. The results prove that the process and facilities have the properties to efficiently retrieve PGMs from used catalytic converters.

In 2012, efforts were focused on testing the reactor's ability to produce salts on a continuous basis (24 hr/ day). Tests using qualified materials were also done to determine the total amount of metal recovered from the refiner.

In 2013, an independent feasibility study validated the commercial potential of the technology.

In 2014, NovX21 signed agreement with Quebec Recyclers Association representing collectors of 400,000 CC in the Province.

International Joint Ventures

The International Strategy is to establish 50-50 partnership agreements with major players in the industry who have the resources and capabilities to build and supply commercial plants. Discussions were initiated during 2014, with automobile manufacturers and large recyclers in the US, France, Belgium, Germany, and the Middle East.