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Precious Metals (US$)

Corporate Update on NovX21 and photos of our PGM extraction process

2014-05-30 - by Nawal Ghali

Current set-up at the prototype plant, including new and upgraded equipment that allows for continuous flow of material in the reactor, around the clock.

The Murdock Capital symposium on May 14 in New York was a great success, with over 60 investors participating. A cleantech analyst subsequently wrote a blog on NovX21 that was picked up by several specialist sites in the United States.

The NovX21 management team will be meeting investors at the Montreal F1 Capital Conference from June 6 to 8, with more than 20 investors scheduled for one-on-one meetings with the team. There were several visits to the St-Augustin plant in May, and others are planned throughout the month of June.

The plant is in operation and is receiving very interesting material from potential business partners

A second production team will be added in June to process this material. The photos below and in the photo gallery on our website, show the quality of the operations at the prototype plant. Meanwhile, long-delivery-time equipment for the new plant has been ordered to keep the construction schedule on track.

Crushed ceramic powder containing PGE, at the mouth of the reactor containing the additives.

PGE metal salts at the reactor outlet. The bright colour is an indication of the conversion rate and the metal content of the powder.

PGE capture in special resins. Here again, more intense the colour, the more metal-saturated the resin.