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            ABOUT US

              Zhongshan Haibao Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 with the approval of the State Department of Commerce. After years of development and expansion, the company has expanded its business scale. It has many member enterprises: Zhongshan Haibao Precision Hardware Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Xinhaisheng Metal Products Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Central Lianxin Metal Products Factory.
              The company mainly deals in precision metal connectors such as slides, hinges and handles...


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            Kitchen & Bath China 2019

            Haibao booth no.:2N302 Kitchen & Bath China 2019 Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre Exhibition Date: May 27 - 30, 2019

            2019-05-06 >>

            Interzum Guangzhou 2019

            Welcome to visit Haibao stand at NO.14.3B06 during Interzum Guangzhou Fair time from March 28th-31st!

            2019-03-23 >>

            How to Select Good Ball Slide

            Recently, some friends home decoration, asked me to buy furniture slides to pay attention to those aspects. Now I share my experience with you: the choice of slides can be through the following tests to select better quality steel ball slides:

            2018-12-20 >>
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